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Navigon 2.0 arrives for iPhone with new name, lets users download maps by state (video)

Navigation junkies have been pining for Navigon’s latest MobileNavigator application ever since our sneak preview at CTIA, but that wait is now over — at least for iPhone constituents. To mark its arrival, the app was re-branded as Navigon 2.0, and yes, it’s a free upgrade for current users. Most notably, the software now enables […]

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Amazon plans to stream movies to own-branded tablets, researchers claim

Amazon has plans to offer a streaming movie service tied to its forthcoming own-branded tablets, researchers at Detwiler Fenton claim. According to the research team, Amazon’s streaming movie service will be available to early adopters of Amazon’s tablet for free. The revelation seems obvious, but the Boston-based research firm’s claim could be the first well-sourced […]

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Video chat may be coming to Android 2.3.4

A carefully crafted tweet has sparked rumors of a native video-chat feature coming to Android 2.3.4 in the near future. “Just had a video call using gmail on Nexus S. Impressive quality @googlenexus Gingerbread 2.3.4 #io2011,” reads the post in question. The implication is — obviously — that Google will migrate its Gmail, browser-based video […]

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Bloggie Touch software finally becomes Mac-compatible

By this point, we suspect any owners of a Bloggie Touch and a Mac computer will have figured out their own ways to process media and share it with the world, but now they’ve get another option: using Sony’s software designed specifically for those tasks. Yes, the streamlined editing and publishing utility that was available […]

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Apple’s ‘Two is better than one’ iPhone ad doesn’t play favorites [video]

Considering the huge amount of money carriers pull in for Apple these days, the Cupertino-based giant has to be careful now that AT&T isn’t the only iPhone game in town here in the U.S. The company definitely wants to help draw attention to the fact that the iPhone 4 will soon be available from the […]

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Pleco Chinese Dictionary iPhone app now handling real-time image translations

Talk about timely. We’ve been waiting for months (with bated breath, might we add) for Pleco 2.2  to finally hit Apple’s App Store, and after dealing with a few launch day bugs last week, we can finally say it’s out and ready to dominate any Chinese homework you’ve been hastily procrastinating on. The Pleco Chinese […]

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iXtreamer bridges the extreme gap between your iPad and TV

Looking for more than just a regular standalone iPad dock? Then you might want to consider Xtreamer’s new iXtreamer system, which is an iPad dock that also doubles as a media streamer. Of course, it will also work with iPhones and iPods, and the “dock” is quite capable all by itself as well — it’ll […]

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TAT’s Dimension S3D is a user interface for stereoscopic TVs (video)

You can’t quite see it without 3D glasses, of course, but this clock is actually sticking out of the screen — one of several illustrious illusions in this latest concept interface from the dreamers at TAT, spotted at Open Mobile Summit 2010. Give that watch face a spin, and you’ll find a working countdown timer […]

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Apple introduces MIDI to iOS 4.2, iPads the world o’er get ready to rave

Although musicians were quick to pick up on the iPad’s possibilities as a control surface, the audio production corner of the App Store  is still overwhelmingly devoted to things like guitar amp models and soft synths — that’s because until recently there was no way to send MIDI commands from iOS (not that some folks […]

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Plex arrives on jailbroken Apple TVs (video)

Boxee might get all the attention but Plex  is without a doubt one of our favorite Mac media center apps. So it’s with wide-eyed interest that we tell you about the Plex client making its first tentative steps onto the second generation Apple TV platform. Naturally, Cupertino’s not behind the initiative to replace Apple’s own […]

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